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  Friday, 17 February 2017
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I received an advertisement yesterday from a Bee Supply store indicating the Hop Guard II was now approved for use in all States. The claim is that it is safe to use, causes a large decline in mite load and is safe for the bees and to use with supers on etc.
Has anyone used this product in Vt., and if so did it work as advertised ??? I use MAQS but feel that varying treatments would be a good deterrent for mites becoming resistant to any one product. Opinions ????? Thanks, Peter
5 years ago
Is Hop Guard considered an organic treatment?
5 years ago
According to the literature it is a "Natural food product", "No Residual in Honey", "Safe to use in Honey Flow" and Registered by the EPA. It does not specitically indicate that it is "organic".
I am just wonderIng if anyone has used this product, or because it was recently approved maybe it has not been available before now ???? Peter.
5 years ago
Hop Guard I came out first, and i believe it was approved for use in Vermont. That didn't work well, and was too messy.

Then came Hop Guard II. Less messy? Does it work any better? Don't know. I'm still waiting for Hop Guard III. :)
5 years ago
I'm planning on using HopGuard II for my mite treatment this year as well (trying to mix it up to avoid MAQS resistance). On the instructions, it says it is very effective to treat very early or very late in the season. By "early", they mean very early (as in, box-flipping time...mid April). This apparently hits the brood cycle very early.

Does anyone else have any strong feelings about treating w/ HopGuard this early? I'd like to try it, but I realize it's a tender time for the queen and the colony getting up to speed.


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