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  Saturday, 09 July 2016
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First timer here...I have what appears to be a very productive queen and colony. The hive currently has two honey supers and two deeps both of which are nearly fully built out. I am looking for a little guidance or pointers to material on what kind of expansion (e.g. honey or brood) I should be giving them. Thank you in advance for sharing.

6 years ago
Hi Steve,
Congrats on a strong start to beekeeping! I suspect no one else is replying to your post because Michael Crowley's reply was right on target and there's little else to add.

There are varying strategies on which size hive boxes and how many. Two deeps piled high with as many supers as the bees will fill is pretty traditional. A good rule of thumb is to add another box when the bees are done with 7 of the ten frames. During their busier seasons, I'd add faster than this. The consequences of adding space too soon are minimal; but adding too late, quite problematic.
6 years ago
If your honey supers are full of capped honey, harvest now and they will fill them up again by September. Or you can keep adding honey supers. Any frames that are capped or mostly capped can be harvested.
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