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  Tuesday, 14 July 2020
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Good morning everybody. My name is Todd and I’m a new beekeeper in Rutland. I belong to the VBA and noticed their alert about AFB. I bought a five frame Nuc from Singing Cedars Apiary in Orwell the second week of June, I’m now very concerned about the health of my bees. I noticed during my last check of the hive about three weeks ago that they had yet to fill out the remaining three frames in the brood chamber, and there wasn't as much brood as I would have expected, a fair amount of honey, but not a lot of brood, the second brood box only contains honey. I opened the hive last night, took pictures of the frames, and sent them to the state apiculturist. It was determined that the hive is queenless and she recomended requeening, adding some eggs, larva, and brood to keep the colony going.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to go about this? I could really use some help saving this colony.

Thanks for your time,
1 year ago
Todd -

You might try contacting someone on this list: https://www.vermontbeekeepers.org/marketplace/northern-honeybee-providers to see if they have anything available.


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