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  Tuesday, 26 April 2022
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I am new to VT and I am in the process of moving my hives this spring. Because I will be keeping my hives on other people's property I thought it best for both my hosts and myself to obtain some insurance coverage for the apiaries that includes liability. My problem is that I am struggling with finding an insurance agent who can help. I was hoping that I could get some agent recommendations from those of you who keep hives on other people's property and have gotten insurance coverage.

Trip Balch
4 months ago
Thanks everyone for your replies. I finally found an agent who could help and I am set. Fingers crossed for my 1st year in VT, hopefully all my NY years will have some applicability here.
4 months ago
Scott Gaines, Gaines Insurance Agency in Vergennes is a real agent, not just a company rep. and will guide you to what you need in the most cost-efficient manner. He deals through Co-operative Insurance in Middlebury. We've had mini-farm insurance through the Co-op for some time but we switched to Scott Gaines as our agent last Fall after having issues with reps who do not really know how to evaluate coverage needed. He noted that we had some coverage gaps and in the end we had better coverage and a slightly lower premium.
4 months ago
Hello, are you familiar with the State of Vt. Apiary rules ? Apiary registration and permission to place over 10 hives on other property ? Also, the need for a bear fence, almost everywhere. What region of Vt Are you located?
I also have Farm Insurance from the Co-op in Middlebury.
Good luck....keeping bees in Vt. Is a challenge !!!
5 months ago
I have a farm policy with CO-OP Insurance of Middlebury
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