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  Saturday, 01 February 2014
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noticed honey seeping out of the bottom corner of my hive. didn't feed sugar water as there seemed to be enough honey so it's not that. also mouse proofed in the fall. any ideas?
8 years ago
Hi Scott,

I think you may be right. I did collect some of the leaking liquid and it was watered down quite a bit. So it may be condensation or melting snow that was dripping off the roof and splashing on the bottom, not sure why it was sweet though.

Also lifted the lid for few seconds on the last un-frozen day and saw a bee come up.

Thanks, Ron
8 years ago
Without the ability to look inside to verify there are no rodent issues the other supposition is that moisture from internal condensation may be moving over open cells containing honey,nectar, or crystallized honey and is making its way to the bottom.

Can you tell if the hive is still alive?

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