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  Wednesday, 06 April 2016
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I was wondering if hobby beekeepers are somehow opening ourselves up to possible liability in selling our honey ??? Although honey is a safe food one can never tell when someone decides to file a law suite.
Does anyone carry additional liability Insurance? And if not, should we ???
I intend to contact my Insurance Agent to see how much coverage I may have already, if any.

And, could the State food Safety rules be posted as to producing and selling honey ?

I know, cold weather and nothing better to do !!!!! Where did Spring go !!!!! Peter
6 years ago
All the food safety and labeling are found online at the state website.

Here is the link for the labeling:

As far a liability we have a mini-farm policy via CO-Op insurance Each individual needs to decide what coverage is appropriate versus the risk.
Great idea two great topics
Thank you
6 years ago
Thanks for the responses. I just made a suggestion to Michael Willard that the VBA might consider having an Insurance person to address the members at the Summer Meeting on the Liability issue. Also maybe someone from the State (Apiary Inspector) to address the "food safety" regulations and labeling requirements on honey being marketed.
Liability is a major issue in this day and age.
I have had a mini farm insurance plan for the past 25 years ,the cost is not much more then a home
Owners policy,but the farm plan has some major differences.
The plan covers product liability,also covers liability for my bees .
And many other areas associated with keeping bees as well as other farm animals.
I produced and sold maple products for many years,as today with the bees and products
I have always been concerned with people coming and going from my property as well as
Selling products ,you just never know what someone may sue you for.
Most home owner policy's will not protect you.

6 years ago
At our Franklin County club meeting we had an insurance agent come and speak about liability insurance and selling to the public. he recommended a farm policy since it covers product liability. It did NOT cover bee loss but would cover equipment lost if there was a situation that fit their parameters.
The policy that was recommended for us was basically one that took over our homeowners policy and replaced it with this (much better, may I add) policy that covered our "hobby". It was a reasonable price in my mind but I think all agencies have different options depending on your needs.
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