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  Friday, 05 November 2021
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Hi I installed two hives from packages this year and I took no honey from them. Despite what I thought was a long fall they are both light. (2 deep 1 medium one hive @ 135# and one at 105#) I feel foolish not to have fed them earlier in the fall. (First year beekeeping error). That said, is there anything I can do now to help them get through the winter?
6 months ago
Thank you Mike! I really appreciate the advise. I’m going for it today it’s mid fifties.
6 months ago
I like to see my 2 deep/1 medium to weigh 155. Your first hive is about 20 pounds underweight....2 gallons of 2:1 syrup. The second hive is very light...needs about 5 gallons of 2:1. Very late for feeding syrup right now. We have a warm week coming. You could probably get the heavier up to weight if you do it now. Get two new gallon cans from a paint store. Fill with 2:1 and punch 5, 6p holes near center of cover. Turn upside down on the top bars with some thin (3/8") shims under cans. Place empty bee box on hive a nd then the covers. You might get the light hive to take n2 gallons as well. Then it would still be light. You could use a slab of fondant after feeding, or make a candy board for the top of the hive. Whatever you do, do the feeding now!
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