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  Tuesday, 12 August 2014
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I'm in my 2nd year keeping bees and have 2 hives this year.

One was a package that I got 8 weeks ago and it has been slow to expand and has a pretty spotty laying pattern. I had seen baseball sized clumps of brood on different frames. Two weeks ago there were a bunch of dead bees on the "front door" and I haven't seen eggs or young larva since, just brood that is hatching. There are 8 queen cups on the edges of different frames, but they are empty. I did see the queen yesterday - she was just hanging out near a clump of drone brood in the middle of a frame in the #9 spot, looking lonely. The bees are very docile and I've seen wasps around it a lot so I put the entrance reducer back in.

I think I should requeen and i'm looking to buy a local one (I'm in Norwich, VT). Any suggestions? (both for a queen and in general if this is a good idea)

8 years ago
I ordered a Vermont Queen from Better Bee last week. Delivery is expensive but got it over night. They will ship up to 11 queens in the same package for the same price. So see if you can share an order.
8 years ago
Marc, you night check with Tim McFarline

Or Troy Hall in Plainfield NH
(603) 298-7209

It's getting late also check better bee
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