Wednesday, 01 March 2017
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We have two hives, last year was our first year with hands on beekeeping. If there is someone who doesn't have the room ,equipment or time to do it all, perhaps you would like to share our bees in exchange for providing us with more hands on teaching then we were able to get last season. The learning curve is steep! We have taken classes, had intermittent "coaching" but having someone with more experience (and comfortable sharing your knowledge), this could be a big boost to our learning and better for our bees! We are "natural" beekeepers, if this is something you want to talk about please email me, Thank you!
5 years ago
Hi Suzanne,
Just a quick couple of questions.
When you say "natural" ... are we talking treatment free?
How are your bees doing so far?
David in Shelburne
5 years ago
I forgot to add we are in Charlotte, just past Shelburne. thanks
You may want to up date your profile as members would know the area you live in.
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