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  Wednesday, 07 September 2016
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Here it is Sept 6, and I,m inspecting Nuc after Nuc and finding LOTS of capped brood, some nectar, and surprisingly little honey, In a 4 frame Nuc there can me 2.5 - 3 frames almost full of capped brood. The rest is full of bee bread, nectar, and and capped honey.

When those workers emerge in the next 4-12 days there's going to be a LOT of bees and the goldenrod will be on the way out (if it isn't already) .

Sounds like I''m going to be feeding a lot of syrup this Sept 15 - Oct 15 to get those cells filled up.

Am I right? Advice Welcome.

Ken (who is not used to fall feeding)
Very poor goldenrod flow,still bring some in but a very light flow.
May need t feed a few Nucs
5 years ago
I had actually been thinking of posting to ask people's observations on the Fall Goldenrod flow given that its so dry out there. I will be checking in on my bees this weekend and I am crossing my fingers that I will see some honey. I have already started to feed one hive that was late cobbling of several nucs together after queen loss and they were sucking that sugar water up.
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