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  Tuesday, 09 August 2016
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Hi all,
I have 3 hives, all of which were started from packages early this spring. One of these took off just as we would all hope from day one, and have been growing and putting away honey just fine.

The other two started off with a stutter. I had to re-queen them and even transplant some brood into one of them from the strong hive. But that was late May/early June. Since then, they _seem_ to have been doing fine, though I have not checked on them in ~4 weeks.

But when I looked into them the other day, I found frame after frame of capped brood, but they were almost entirely WITHOUT honey.

The only thing I can figure is that re-queening and transplanting didn't take as immediately as I had originally thought (or that they had a little re-queening of their own to do afterwards), and that they are only just now really building to full strength. I did not see or hear of a swarm, though of course I can't rule that out either. BTW, I did a sugar shake and did not find mites and they appear otherwise healthy.

I am concerned that it is late enough in the season they might not be able to put away enough honey stores for the winter, despite our usual fall honey flow.

What should I be doing with these two? What management principles might I keep in mind as I try to shepherd them into/through their first winter?

I would very much appreciate tapping into the collective wisdom of the group.
6 years ago
Better than all honey and no brood, eh?
6 years ago
Hi Peter,
Thanks for the reassurance. It looked as though they were pretty far behind, and I just didn't want to miss an opportunity ( a stitch in time....). I'll keep an eye on them and feed as they need it.
6 years ago
I would not worry too much. Just remember when we get closer to Fall you can always feed them sugar syrup for them to build up their stores. Package bees have a lot of challenges the first summer. Be sure to use a top feeder so you will not promote robbing. Hopefully we will get some rain soon and the goldenrod will be nice and juicy....Good luck. Peter.
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