Saturday, 11 February 2017
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Today we held a beginners Beekeeping class 44 people ,43 will get bees this spring.
I will take three of them and help them for the next two years.
So that leaves 40 people that need help
The 25 th we have a class with 45 people .
So my question is what can we do as VBA to find mentors for all the new Beekeepers .
We pasted out a questionnaire almost ever person wanted more Beekeeping classes.
We where asked by most every one as to where they could find a mentor. We give them
Many places lto ook and ask the question. However the VBA mentor list only has a very few
Mentors listed.
So what can we do to get a lot more people on this list.
It would seem to me with near 500 members we could find a lot more Mentors to add to our
This will be a topic at our club meeting this month,we need a action plan so I will call on our
Club members to give me positive ideas to forward to VBA .
I ask VBA members on this forum to put your positive ideas forward.
We need Beekeepers, NOT BEE HAVERS !!!!!!
Mike I will try my best to copy your message the importance of your message are beyond words., I sure wish you a safe trip and have fun.

5 years ago
[color=#000000]Wish I could give opening remarks on the 25th, but I'll be in Winnipeg for a meeting. Could you see that the second group gets the message. [/color]
I do want to thank Paul Yanus ,for supplying me with the Bee Culture Magazines
Also a big thank you to Mike Palmer for his opening lecture to the class.
Thank you to Janice and Darcie they worked hard.

The class was a lot of fun and some very nice folks.
Great advice we did push the importance of the VBA work shops I also had a slide show
With a few photos of last summers work shops, Michael Willard and Bill Mares where the instructors that day.
The class was given registrations forms to register there hives with the state.
Also a hand out on joining VBA , plus a list of books and other educational resources.
As well as a free copy of Bee Culture magazine
Now if they will just put the time in needed to be a good Beekeeper.
Plus they know they must keep Varroa Mites in check.
My hope is all 43 will become Beekeepers and not Bee Havers.
5 years ago
I would suggest to these newbees to consider attending some of the VBA workshops this spring and summer. Not as good as a "real mentor" but would help wth a lot of the hands on exposure and questions etc. With any luck you will find enough Mentors.
I took on a Mentor roll this past summer and it is fun and rewarding. Just don't forget to zip up your suit. Really embarrassing to be the "teacher" and get stung several times while running away .... Yikes !!!!!
5 years ago
One thing might be, if you had a county map and pinpoints where these folks would be keeping their bees it would make it a bit easier on a mentor to chose a new BK if they were in close proximity.
This wouldn't have to be made public. Maybe just accessible to VBA members like this forum
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