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  Sunday, 28 August 2016
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I've never used the Mite Away Quick Strips before.
It all seems pretty simple.

From what I'm reading, we need 7 days of temps in the 50-90 range. And I can have the strips on while supers are on. And I should put the two strips in between the two deep brood boxes.
I'm thinking I'll put them on later this week.

Any tips, wisdom, or words of caution anyone would like to offer would be appreciated!
5 years ago
I totally agree. I have used MAQS for the past few years and have had good success. I also watch the various video's available, and follow the directions. Slimy little strips to install !!!
Usually I install after I pull off the supers from the golden rod and fall flow. Although they say it's OK to install with supers on I personally like to remove the honey before installing.
Thanks again for the info. Peter
I agree brood temp around 90 ,but the rest of the hive is cooler I think the higher
Temps cause the strips to release to fast ,that's why I think 80 is getting high
Plus the factor of the sun.
End of August to the first week of September to me is the best time to treat if weather
Allows as you need time for winter brood to be mite free or very low mite count.For healthy winter bees. Mite away is very hard on bees ,but using MAQS that are out of date is deadly on bees and
Queen ,the protective wrapping deteriorates and the Formic Acid is released to fast regardless
Of temperature,the first four days are the most critical any time using mite away.
Posted on Facebook is a great video by NOD on mite a way some very good information,as most people don't read directions from the manufacturer or warning
Labels just my two cents
5 years ago
Ron, I agree with you. Too hot would not be a good thing. But, I wonder if their temperature specifications really are to make sure it is warm enough outside for the bees to beard or fly out while the MAQS are real strong. If I recall the internal temperature, for brood, is in the 90 plus range. With that being the case it would seem that it is the outside, flying, temperature that would be the determining factor.
I think it is much more important to treat with MAQS in mid to late September when the brood cycle is real low. (Temperature would also be,most likely, less than 80 degrees as well.)
Any other thought ??? Peter.
Please see the NOD video on face book
I will not put mite away on if the first four days are going to be above 80 degrees
5 years ago
We are new beekeepers and have used MAQS two years now. We attended a talk by Chaz Mraz of Champlain Apiaries. He puts the strips on top of the first honey super above the brood boxes. He finds it does a good job and he has less problem with queen loss.
5 years ago
I use MAQS and have had good luck with them. Because they attack the mites within the cells I would wait until mid to late September to apply. Unless you have a huge mite load right now. The reason to wait is to try to kill as many mites in the last brood cycle so the hive will be way down in mites going into the Winter. If you have not used them before, there are two strips per plastic packet. Follow the directions, use nitrile or good rubber gloves when handling the strips and try to install upwind. They are somewhat noxious and a bit gelatinous to the touch. Have scissors and everything ready to go when applying. Placement is to take one strip and place it over frames 1 to 5 toward the front of the hive and then the other strip over frames 6 to 10 toward the rear of the hive. Place them between the two deep hive bodies. If you are using three hive bodies you will want to place them on the one with the most brood. Hope this helps. Good luck. Peter
5 years ago
I was hoping to do the same thing this week. If anyone has any tips that would be helpful!
5 years ago
HI, did not want to ignore the forum watchers. My response was positive, with a lot of details etc. Peter.
5 years ago
Hi, check your direct e-mail for my response. Good luck. Peter.,
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