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  Friday, 07 October 2016
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Hello fellow beekeepers,
Looking for some help with a mite problem.

I have 6 hives that I treated for mites on August 8th after extracting honey. Monitoring the mite boards showed heavy infestation in 4 of them, but I treated them all with Mite Away Quick strips as recommended. Seemed to do the trick and consequent monitoring showed no mites in any of the hives.

2 weeks ago I started monitoring the boards again and was dismayed to find large numbers of mites in 3 hives again. Yesterday I checked and found over 75 mites after a 24 hour period in 2 hives and slightly less numbers in my other 4 hives (25-50).

My question is, can I/should I, treat them again this late in the season? I'm worried that the temperatures may be too cool to be effective or that I may adversely the brood. Doing nothing seems like recipe for colony collapse over the winter.

Any thoughts or suggestions would bee most appreciated.
5 years ago
Same advice I gave recently, give NOD Apiary a call or e-mail and ask them your question concerning temperature. They are very helpful.
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