Thursday, 02 February 2017
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I feel like we may need more than 2 meetings a year to address our business.
Maybe quarterly meetings.
For the past few years when we've asked for other business during the winter meeting we seem to always run out of time to stay on our schedule.
More committees meeting at regular intervals would be helpful even if it's teleconferencing.
I think we should be required to submit in writing an agenda item to be considered at our scheduled meetings.
5 years ago
Glad to see the Members Only drop down link is fixed. What's that saying about the squeaky wheel...?

I'm sure that if a request was sent to the president of VBA he would provid you with the information ,I do not think the law requires any group or organization to post the minutes
Or financiale statement or budget on a wall or Internet .
The information is public apron request .

I as many others would like to see the VBA Webb site kept up to date, however people
Have so many hours in the day .
5 years ago
I don't really know.
I see a provision in the bylaws for making amendments though. Maybe this issue could be presented to the Board of Directors for consideration at that time.
5 years ago
Steven the way I understand the 501 (c)(3) non profit law, this information must be made public. This is a ruling above our bylaws & constitution if we want to remain a non profit.
This also a strange way of conducting the business of an organization, nothing like any other one I've been involved with.

I'm wondering what the difference is in the
501 (c)(3) & the 501 (c)(5) labor, Agricultural and Horticultural organization. Both non profit
5 years ago
I re-read the Association's Constitution and Bylaws and there is no requirement to approve or even present the minutes to the Winter meeting. There is a requirement to read the minutes at the Summer business meeting "if requested". There is no requirement in the bylaws or Constitution to post the meeting minutes here on this web site. Perhaps this should change.

During this Winter meeting there was discussion about appropriating funds when one member requested the meeting members consider that some of the assets be distributed to various clubs throughout the state. Mike Palmer pointed out that any such decision should rightly be directed through the Board of Directors at the annual Summer business meeting rather than the Winter meeting. Regardless, the motion was brought up and voted on and failed. The way I read it there is really no mechanism for voting on appropriating funds in this Association based on a vote by the members. The Board of Directors (defined as the officers) apparently has " the authority to transact all necessary business between annual meetings" so I'd assume if the Board of Directors wanted to distribute money to the various clubs they could do that whether or not the members voted in favor of it.
With the considerable assets accumulated in this organization I wonder if it might benefit the organization to clarify the procedures for allotting funds and provide some level of decision making to the dues paying members. At the very least I would think the minutes detailing any business the Board of Directors has transacted would be made available to all members.
5 years ago
When I click the dropdown button for Members Only all I get is a button that says "Login" but I'm already logged in. I was thinking that maybe this was a browser compatibility issue but I tried it through both Internet Explorer and Chrome and I get the same thing. I seem to remember this being a problem last year. I'm sure I paid my annual dues, so that can't be it. May I suggest that whenever there is a meeting that the previous meeting minutes be printed out hard copy? That would eliminate the tech problems with posting the minutes on the web site and give people the opportunity to approve the minutes. Aren't the minutes from the previous meeting supposed to be approved or accepted at the next meeting?
It would be under members only tab,then meeting minutes
How ever the last update was March 2016 when the 2016 winter meeting was posted.
5 years ago
I'd have to agree with David on this. I really enjoyed attending the 2017 winter meeting. Considering this organization is staffed by volunteers I think the meeting was well organized and very useful and informative. The presentation by Lemon Fair Apiaries was outstanding and very encouraging to a new beekeeper like myself.
I have to say though that I am disappointed that I'm unable to find on this web site any minutes to the 2016 summer business meeting. Where would I find this?
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