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  Thursday, 21 May 2020
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Hello all,

I am brand new here. I picked up my bee package on April 26 and installed it. Then came the cold weather as you all know. I took some photos today, I can see larva but other than that, I have no idea of what I'm seeing. It looks to me like a very small colony and I have no idea if the comb is normal or not.

I'd welcome any comments.

Kate frame1.jpg frame2.jpg hive1.jpg
2 years ago
If you have not done so yet recenter the frames. Notice how the bees are building to one side? Removed one undrawn frame of the three and move the drawn frames over. Be sure to pick up the frame and move, don't slide it. Then replace the undrawn frame on the opposite side. Be sure the frames are tight and in contact with each other
2 years ago
Yes, I am feeding and have been since they were installed.
2 years ago
Are you feeding and have you from the day you installed the package?


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