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  Thursday, 22 September 2016
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What to do at this point? I'm a new beek with 2 hives. Packages from the south. (I'm sorry I did that) One hive was doing well last week and this week loaded with varroa mites. I've seen hive beetles and wax moths! What happened? Other hive has been weak all summer. It now has no eggs or larvae, but little brood. It's 2 deeps and bees are still bringing pollen in. There's capped honey, but not a lot. Should I try to combine, get a new queen, treat both hives?
Big hive is loaded with capped honey, eggs and larvae. Girls are working hard.
Any suggestions are helpful and appreciated.
5 years ago
Yes, I would love that! Let me know what time works best for you.
5 years ago
Kathy I'd be glad to stop by tomorrow to take a look with you.
5 years ago
Thank you, Ron! Didn't see any moth larvae or cobwebs, just moths outside hives and larvae on mite board below. Will treat, add SHB traps, then combine. Ugh!
I would treat for sure.
I'm sorry but I think it's to late to get and replace the Queen.
Sounds like you had a queen from the start that was poor or maybe you had a swarm.
Late Sept your hands are kind of tied.
MAQS is a seven day treatment,so you may want to treat them and then combine.
You can place SHB traps in your hives to catch the beetles.
How bad are you infested with wax moths ?
Are seeing larva ,cob webs are they destroying your comb.
Normally a strong hive will keep wax moths in check.
Any frame infested with wax moths should be removed and placed in the freezer for a couple days.
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