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  Sunday, 21 July 2013
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While skimming the August edition of "Bee Culture", I started to read an article about a bee kill in an Oregon shopping mall in which tens of thousands of bumble bees died.

The suspect cause was a pesticide application to on the Little Leaf Linden trees along the parking lot. The article mentioned that under certain circumstances or in excessive amounts, the nectar of the Little Leaf Linden can be toxic to bees, bumble bees in particular, but to some degree to honey bees.
Little leaf lindens are commonly planted in urban areas, Burlington has many of them (there is a stretch of them along Elmwood Cemetery). I have also noticed the occasional dead or dying bees on the sidewalk and perhaps this phenomena may explain some of those deceased bees (though I am sure many more died to over work if nothing else).
I post this not to raise an alarm, since I don't think in most circumstances the bee keepers of Burlington have anything to fear from lindens (and I believe most would happily swap several hundred bees OD'ed on linden in exchange for a good nectar flow from those trees) but more of as an interesting factoid.
Though, the next time I see my neighbor who work's in Burlington's park crew if they ever spray the lindens with pesticide, since it was the pesticide that is suspected to have caused the spectacular die off.
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