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  Thursday, 14 July 2016
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I'm going to have to extract this weekend because my bees are almost out of space and I have no other equipment assembled. Will they survive overnight, or at most a day and 1/2, if I just put some empty boxes on top until I can get drawn comb back on them? I'm assuming that they will probably build comb in it, so am expecting that, but any other considerations? suggestions? Thanks in advance
6 years ago
I was able to brush bees off the frames I need to extract from and did that last night. Will put the wet super back on today for them to clean. Appreciate the advice! :)
6 years ago
I extracted on Monday. I only extracted the honey supers and not the brood boxes. I used a fume board to clear the supers. I removed the supers, extracted and put the wet supers back on the next day by noon. No problems. You won't see many workers for a day or so. They are spending all their time clean up all the wet frames.
6 years ago
Thank you. This was just going to be temporary until I extracted. Probably less than a full day, actually. And I am not able to build frames in the time I have until I extract. Hopefully, they will not fill an empty box with comb in the few hours they'll have the space. :)
6 years ago
Not knowing resources available, These possibilities come to mind; ( I put a swarm in a deep once and they built diaginal comb.and they did it fast.) I had a top bar hive at the time so i should have known. Anyway if you have frames already just put them together without foundation and install in the box. Rubbing beeswax along the top bar may incourage a straight line.
3/4 inch strips of pine board cut to length, waxed accordingly may get simular result.
or stop at a hardware store and get 3/8, or 1/2 or 3/4 inch dowel. Cut to top bar length, maybe flatten where ends rest on the box. wax bottom.3/4 inch dowel way require flat edges but will be strong enough so it wont sag.
If they build comb- straight or not- later when you have assembled regular frames, you can cut out the comb and use rubber band method to position comb where you like.Bees will fill in blank spots and attach to top and sides as they please.
You probably wont be able to use an extractor to harvest honey but you can still harvest honey comb- put it in tupperware sandwhich container, or use crush method, or you can save brood this way .
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