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  Wednesday, 24 October 2018
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Good Day,

I Have 2 Hives, with 2 Deeps, 1 Super, and 1 Nuc.

Should I place the wrapped Nuc, between the Full Hives?

Blessed Bees

3 years ago
My Nuc didn't make it through the winter.

It was beginner error, not mites.

These are great Bees, I purchased from Andrew "treatment free " Munkres.

I will make Nucs, from the 2 Hives, that are coming out of the winter, doing well.

Blessed Bees
I have done over wintered Nucs for a few years they work out great
I guess a quilt box is ok ,I use 2 inch foam board have no moisture issues.
I use the double 4 frame for Nucs I have friends use 5 frames they both work well
I think any Beekeepers on the second year should have some Nucs it's just great insurance
Why go pay some 200 to 250 for a Nuc when you can do it your self for penny's on the dollar
Just my thoughts
3 years ago
How did it work out for you? I've never wintered nucs. Plan to next winter. I use a quilt box for insulation and absorbing excess moisture.
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