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  Thursday, 06 May 2021
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HI ! My third winter with 2 hives has proved unsuccessful, yet again. I continue to learn and every year I think that they will make it-this past winter, my bees disappeared (swarmed) early in the season. I noted NO activity even on sunny days, and worried that might have happened. When checked this spring, there is no evidence of any bee life. Is this common? What should I inspect for to avoid this from happening again?
1 year ago
Hi, first of all what do you mean that the "bees swarmed early in the season" ? Last Spring or late Fall or early this Spring ?
Depending on when the bees disappeared it might have been a swarm, although usually in May or June, but it is most likely a hive infected with a virus. Once the hive is infected the dead bees are carried away by the remaining live bees. When there are few live bees, that are also infected, they leave the hive.
My assumption was that the mite treatment you used, either the type or timing, was not effective and you lost your hives.
If your hives died from starvation or freezing there would be a lot of bodies in the hive. With empty hives it points to varroa caused viruses.
We had a very unusual winter, weather wise, no cleansing days and the dry late summer did not help.

I also lost several hives, assumed I was doing everything right....wrong !!!! Good luck and don't give up.
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