Friday, 03 March 2017
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vorite activity of mine in recent years has been to spend snow days with notebook and computer mouse in hand going through Mike Palmer s video presentations to the UK National Honey Show. Having the ability to rewind and review the huge amount of practical knowledge Mike packs into one spech has made me a far better beekeeper.(By the way, thanks Mike !) On the drive home from the VBA Winter Meeting, I found myself wishing I could do that with some of the VBA presentations over the years. To have the abilty to freeze frame a slideshow image and really examine it closely .... or make sure I understand a concept in it s entirety has been invaluably helpful to me personally. I know videos take more time and effort but perhaps there is one amongst us willing to volunteer? You Tube is the easiest forum but if for some reason a speaker or organization felt it should be kept prprietory the perhaps it could be accessed by the members only tab.?
Very nice idea
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