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queen bee

  Monday, 22 August 2016
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my queen stop laying in the 2 lower boxes and went up to the honey supper and fill the two honey super with eggs what should i do
I was called to help a couple new Beekeepers as they had found the queen was
Laying in the honey supers both cases the two deeps where honey and pollen
Bound queen had no place to lay.
5 years ago
the deep were full of pollen and netarized i think she move up for more room i i got this hive from pam i then split the hive to give more room but the queen stay with the to honey supper and fill it with eggs to day i went to check and she have move down because i did not she her in the honey supper
5 years ago
it is not unusual for the queen to enter the supers but to ignore the deeps is perplexing.
What do the deeps currently comprise of? are they all nectarized? pollen bound?
Please describe the contents
5 years ago
Well there are a couple of things you might consider.
One would be to make sure the Queen is in the lower boxes, then place a Queen excluder below the supers and let nature take its course and hatch out the brood. Twenty one days later you should have clean, brood less, supers.
Two, leave them as is and place a Qeen excluder above the supers and add another empty super on top. Maybe they will fill that with honey during the golden rod flow.

Is there much honey stored in the lower deep hive boxes ??? Did the Queen move up because she had no place to lay eggs ?

I personally use three brood boxes whch helps keep the Queen down. Good luck. Peter
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