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  Monday, 14 May 2018
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Two questions:

1. I have some honey super frames that were stored for one year, from an old hive. In a number of them, there are some spots at the bottom of some of the cells that looks like a mold or mildew. Can they be re-used without having to worry about the unknown discoloring affecting the honey or the bees?

2. I had mice in one of my hives and they have just vacated. There is little damage other than a mess of hair and feces. How best to rid of both from the brood frames? Anything I should consider doing before introducing a new queen?

Thank you.

4 years ago
Hi Scott...yes, I will get some pics of the frames. It might take me a few days.
4 years ago
Can you provide photos of the frames?

Keep the frames but remove the drawn wax and foundation (if wax foundation) then apply new foundation
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