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  Wednesday, 27 September 2017
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I need some advice on reducing the moisture level in honey. I decided to do a final extraction, due to this hot weather coming to an end. I only pulled off about 25 Lbs, most was not capped but did not drip when I shook it. I do have a refractometer and I am measuring about 21%. (After calibration)
What I have done is to place the opened bucket in my honey house with a de-humidifier running directly in front of and just above the bucket. The honey house is a very warm and tight 8 X 12 building. From what I have read, on-line, this should do the trick.
Does anyone have an opinion or is there something differently that I should be doing ? Thanks, Peter
4 years ago
Preferable to dehumidify frames before extraction...........might also be faster. Would recommend testing some at the bottom of the bucket as well.......might still be too humid.
4 years ago
Well it worked !!! After about three days (and nights) the moisture went from 21% to 17%. I think the change in the weather, from hot and humid to cool and dry also helped. For future reference, Peter.
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