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  Monday, 03 October 2016
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I have several small nucs that I made up this year. All the nucs have a relatively small entrance. All except one seem to be strong and able to defend themselves and seem to be pretty fully stocked. The one nuc in question got a later start and has less bees and seems to be turning into the apiary's Seven/Eleven. I put duct tape over the entrance yesterday to make it very small and that seemed to help. No sooner did I remove it today and the hordes were back. I made a wooden entrance reducer for them but it still seemed like visitors were lining up outside to enter single file. I'm not seeing any real fighting so it seems to me that the bees are clustered on the frames with brood and unable to mount a spirited defense. Tonight at dusk I moved them to a location on the other side of the house in a corner, pointed the entrance at a wall a few inches away, put a small board on top to block the vertical access to the entrance and put a large potted plant on the side. Hopefully it will be harder to find and harder to access. The colony isn't doing much flying yet since they are still relatively small in number. I hope to borrow a frame of brood from a full sized hive to give them a boost this weekend. They still have a good supply of stores that I started them with. This is the first time I have observed robbing like this. My question is, what else can be done to prevent robbing? I know that the nuc may not have the best chance of making it through the winter but I'd like them to have their shot without having all their stash stolen. Thoughts?
5 years ago
When I see this, yes because maybe my numbers are bit lower than I like to see in that nuc. I'm a little reluctant to move the hive due to my number of forgers. I close it up at night and leave closed up for a day or two. Slows things down hopefully & erases the memories of robbing / fighting.
I can't express how important it is to have a full hive open for a good airflow ... # 1 killer moisture, not cold
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