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  Sunday, 10 April 2016
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Yesterday I attended the Southern Adirondack Beekeepers Seminar, in Malta NY, just south of Saratoga. It was a very beautiful venue, HVCC Tech Campus. I thought I would report on the day.

They had three different presenters, each doing two presentations.

One gentelman ( Allen Hayes) had a whole lot of bee keeping "gadgets" that he presented. Such as a stand with a scale inverted in it with a sliding door and mirrors to let you see if the hive gained or lost weight from day to day. Also made other cool but not necessary items. He intends to "do a book". His second presentation had to do with yellow jackets and how they live and operate. This was interesting in that yellow jackets are carnivores and if found going in and out of a honey bee hive it is an indication that the hive is in real trouble. (I know this from experience).

Dewey Caron gave presentations on reading brood frames, brood patterns etc. and then a second talk about hive diseases, mites, moths, beetles, Foulbrood etc. Very informative.

The third, (and best talks, my opinion) were on Colony Architecture, how bees exude wax and details on the whole process of making comb etc. (one interesting fact they said was that wax is all fat and fat will absorb any chemicals or impurities in the hive, that is why old comb gets dark brown or black).
The second part was all about plants, trees, flowers etc. how they produce pollen and nectar and how and when the bees choose to visit. I was reminded (I think I knew this) that honey bees create an electrical charge in flight and when they visit a flower the pollen literally jumps on to the charged hairs. Pretty neat stuff. They also described the biology of blooms etc. This was presented by a couple, Grai Rice and Chris Harp from the NY city area. Very good information. (HoneybeeLives.Org)

It was a very entertaining and informative day. Well worth the price of admission.
6 years ago
The info on the conference is still listed on the VBA home site, regional events. The cost for non- members of SABA was $38.00, for SABA members it was $33.00. Well worth the cost and the trip. Yes, Dewey is very entertaining. Peter.
6 years ago
Peter, I see the cost on their site, so no need to send that info. Sounds very reasonable to me. I am always willing to pony up some $$ to attend such an event.
thanks again for the report!
6 years ago
Thank you Peter! Do you know if this was their 'winter meeting' or just an additional learning experience they put on for their members? Also, can you share the cost of admission (privately if you need to - vtyogini@gmail.com - or I'll hop over to their site) Hoping the VBA might organize such a seminar next year, apart from the summer and winter meetings. Some of us are trying to organize a group to do some leg work to assist the VBA in researching topics of interest to our members and possibly sponsoring such an event. Great info! Isn't Dewey Caron great?
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