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  Friday, 20 February 2015
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Can hives be opened in this type of weather to check on food supply.
If they can be opened ,how would you recommend placing foundant in the hive ?
Also should foundant have any additive s add to the fondant?
7 years ago
I checked my hives today because of the extended cold temps we've had and to see where the bees were in the hive. It was 30 degrees here and the sun was out/no wind. In both my hives, the bees were in the top box (a super in this case). There were out trying to fly, and there was evidence of cleansing. You can't be in there long in this weather, and certainly can't open the boxes as you would during an inspection. You don't want to chill any brood that might be developing or break up the cluster.
First I checked them by pulling up a bit of the tape covering the hole in the inner cover. There were lots of bees there so I cracked the lid. Bees everywhere. Ran to the house and made some fondant for them. Came back and had to actually open the whole inner cover real quick to put a shim there to accommodate the thickness of the fondant Did that for both. I've always been told to put the fondant in contact with the cluster. In my case, there were so many bees up there I wiggled it in as best I could to make it touch the edge of the cluster. Since the shim doesn't fit completely flush with the top box, once every thing was put back on I duct taped around the crack where the shim meets the super, to keep any drafts out (Not sure bees can or will propolize the drafty areas in winter) Not pretty but I think it will work.
Anyone have any insight/additional suggestions please feel free to chime in. I'm new still and am doing what I was told by more experienced beeks. Fingers crossed!



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