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  Friday, 21 February 2020
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Hello all. I have been doing some research on using a single deep brood box, instead of the "normal" 2 or sometimes 3 deeps. I am wondering if any fellow beekeepers have done this in Vt. ? The info I am getting is from Ontario. The biggest benefit is that inspection, and queen locating is much easier. The main difference is that you have to install a queen excluder very early in the spring and add supers to give the exploding brood a place to live....apparently there are plenty of cells in a 10 frame deep for the Queen to lay.

Just curious to see if anyone has done this...comments, please.
Thanks, Peter
2 years ago
It's a management thing. Single deeps are used most commonly in the south. Reason being is it's easier to transport them to the nectar flows like Sourwood in the mountains. Inspecting a single is easy but the hard part is going to be keeping them from swarming. By restricting the brood nest you are creating a multiple swarm situation and would have to take frames of brood out constantly to provide enough space for the queen to lay or they will swarm.

The other thing to keep in mind is a hive is exponentially more effective/efficient the larger the colony is. By limiting the brood chamber by half your are limiting resources from it by far more than half.
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