Wednesday, 05 July 2017
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I want to propose to the VBA Board that the VBA membership be notified prior to future summer meetings of the slate of officers that need to be elected at the summer meeting. Prior notification would give members an opportunity to think about the slate and possibly nominate additional nominees. VBA members currently have no knowledge of what Board members are up for reelection and what positions need to be filled until the vote takes place.

I also would like to see a Mission Statement for the VBA Farm Show booth drawn up and endorsed by the VBA membership. When the VBA Farm Show booth was originally proposed, it was discussed that the VBA booth be an educational booth with the focus on educating the general public who might be interested in beekeeping and Vermont Honey. The last two years a VBA member has stated that the booth should be to educate advance beekeeper. It has been stated to me “I just feel there are others we need to reach out to from the VBA booth other than the beginners or just those thinking about it.” Part of the VBA mission is to educate. I and others feel that the general public is lacking knowledge of the VBA role and of Vermont Honey. So I ask the membership and the VBA Board clarify the mission of the VBA Farm Show Booth and to document such decision.
5 years ago
I was unable to attend the summer meeting, but would love to see a summary/review posted on this forum.
Also, regarding the education booth, we host the Vermont Golden Honey Festival at Golden Stage Inn every year. (Second Saturday of September ... this year that means Sat Sept 9.) We'd love for any VBA members to host a booth as and educational outreach to beginners. We feel that education, particularly for the beginner, is a primary mission of the Festival, but I'm always rather busy tending to the Festival needs and I'm not a good substitute for the VBA. If anyone is interested in participating at this level, please oh please just reach out to me! Julie-Lynn Wood,, 226 7744
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