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  Tuesday, 08 August 2017
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Anyone else find that this site loads reeeeeeeal slow?
I don't seem to have trouble at other sites
Yes, I agree. This website loads very slowly for me as well.
5 years ago
slowest site I visit.
5 years ago
HTTP/2 Hosting Solution
At $9.31 a month
I see this offer on our website marketing page.
Maybe we should look into this.
Who is our Webmaster?
4 years ago
From the time I typed into the VBA web page, signed in and loaded to this page was exactly 55 seconds. Is that considered slow?
Very slow to load
4 years ago
It took me 45 second to log on to your response. Is 45 and 55 second slow load?
4 years ago
Well considering all the other web sites I go to are 4-6 seconds I would say its very slow!!
4 years ago
Wow, 4-6 seconds. I wish I had your server.
4 years ago
I really care less, Someone just asked and I made a comment. Not a huge deal with me.
4 years ago
I guess in my original question , I should have said "no wonder this site is so inactive, it takes to long to load". I was trying to be considerate to those who don't do use Facebook.
I'm sorry Paul but 45 - 55 seems like an eternity in this day an age.
It's our provider that dictates our down load speed. I just hope we're not paying for this hosting.
FYI I sent a note asking for particulars on this earlier today.
4 years ago
Better news.
Some tweaks were made to help move the loading along.
Also, some of the photo files I uploaded were partly the cause of the lag. I have learned the specs for photos and going forward there should be less of an issue.
It is some faster about 11 seconds to load ,many other sites I visit are about
3.5 seconds by my stop watch
4 years ago
It seems to start a bit then it sits for awhile and then comes into view.
All and all it does seem to be coming in faster.
Thank you
I'm gathering data on the speed of loading at different times of the day. Also the speed of my
Internet connection,
This site is some what faster then a couple weeks ago
But still a lot slower then most internet sites.

For the most part I see bout 11 seconds to load it was over 55 seconds . Most sites are
3 to 5 seconds to load.
I'll be forwarding my data my the end of the week, this information may help the staff
To make some changes to speed the site up.
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