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  Friday, 20 March 2020
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Hello all, well last Fall I lost 2 hives to a Small Hive Beetle (SHB) infestation. Old news...however, I remember that because the SHB's Winter over in the soil they would freeze up and be gone, at least until the Southern Packages and Nucs appear.
Well, I opened a hive today and sure enough there were several SHB's running around. I reinstalled a couple of traps and hopefully the bees will chase them to their DOOM !!! I did manage to squish a few also. Felt real good.
Any thoughts or advice ??? Also, I spread a thick layer of lime around the hives last Fall...I guess it did not work. Stay Healthy everyone...Peter
2 years ago
Hi Mike, the two hives last Fall got so far ahead with the infestation that I had deep frames all full of nasty smelly maggots and the Queens continued to leave. Some was my fault because I was running 3 deeps for brood boxes and seldom looked in the bottom box. My big mistake. Anyway I got rid of the Bad frames and added several traps to my other hives. Perhaps they overwintered and won't be a problem, at least until the Southern Invasion occurs.
And yes, they were not strong colonies and the one today is not too strong either. I am thinking about shaking some bees from an adjoining strong colony to see if increased numbers will help chase the beetles into the traps.
On another note, I have bees flying in today with white pollen in their baskets. At least something is going right..
Thanks Mike and stay healthy. Peter
2 years ago
Peter, I've seen the same. But, I've never seen the beetles that overwintered begin reproducing. I wonder what the optimum breeding Age of adult beetles. Did you actually lose the colonies due to beetles, or did they take over a failing colony?
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