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  Wednesday, 02 July 2014
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My bees have swarmed but they are still out of room with the lack of drawn comb. Although I put some fresh deep frames of just foundation in, and they are drawing that, they are storing nectar there. I don't see a queen or eggs and don't believe they have the room they need. Do you think it's too late to purchase a couple of queens (if I can) and split these apart to make 2 nucs? I am a second year beekeeper as well and obviously really missed the time frame within which to take corrective action, although I'm kinda not sure it would have done much in the long run anyway, not having drawn comb. Thanks in advance for any suggestions to keep these colonies going, although I fear it may be too late.
8 years ago
It is not too late to make nucs to winter over. As a matter of fact that is what we do during July. The next Intervale workshop is designed specifically on this concept.

You will need at least 1.5- 2 frames of bees/brood/capped brood/eggs for each nuc. One honey frame and one empty, drawn if possible.

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