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  Monday, 23 June 2014
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New Beekeeper - bitten(or stung) by the bug. I've been doing a lot of reading. Now that my queen crisis appears to be over, I'm back to thinking about that third hive. I have most of what I need to set up a third hive. I also have a good location and room for one more. I've read about swarm trapping but I don't think I'll have time to build some traps in time. I've read about splits but my hives are too new to do that. I'm interested in trying a walkaway split. As I understand it I would need a frame of eggs and one of capped brood and the bees that go with that. They could raise a new queen and ultimately I would have a third hive. It seems early enough in the season and my bees are bringing in plenty of pollen and nectar so there seem to be a lot of resources in my area. If anyone has some really robust hives and is interested in helping me learn to do this I'd be much obliged. I'd replace the frames and supplies used. I'd be happy to drive to wherever you are to pick them up.
8 years ago
The July 19 Intervale workshop will be touching on the techniques for making winter nucs. Which is basically a split but on a smaller scale.
It might be worth making the trip.

8 years ago
Well that's OK - I'm just open to doing something else this summer if an opportunity presents itself. I'm not sure how to email or call since there is nothing in the profiles. If you want to reach me I'm at don@corvuscollis.com.
8 years ago
I won't know for another week or so if the second split is going to work. There is plenty of time right now for the bees to build up and have enough stores to winter. I'm not sure if I'd be ready to part with that swarm right now,I have to go through my #1 hive to see if they've lost momentum. Feel free to email me directly or call. I will certainly keep you in mind. Oh Yes tinkerer I am.
8 years ago
Wayne - sounds like you are a tinkerer like me. My problem is that being so new, I don't have much to tinker with. One of my first two hives lost or replaced their queen and I've been on pins and needles but they made a new one and we're up and running. Since it is still early in the season I think there will be time to build up a third hive if I can find the ingredients. It sounds like you have queens but I don't have any bees to support them. I really need to get a frame of eggs and brood and maybe one of pollen and honey and some adult bees to keep things going. I would have to feed I expect but it seems like there is lots of food here in Montpelier. So, if you only have queens I'm afraid I couldn't use them now. If you want to part with your last small split however, I'd be willing to drive there. It would be really interesting to see if I could bring them up to full force from such a small start. Like you, at this point, I'm more interested in the bees than the honey. Let me know you thoughts. In any case - thank you for replying.
8 years ago
Don, I'm not a highly seasoned beekeeper. A couple weeks ago I went thru my one and only hive, They were very strong. I had a deep hive body and 2 medium supers. I noticed some capped swarm cells and a couple supercedure cells and there were loads of bees. I took the frame with the swarm cells, capped brood and a couple of frames with honey and pollen, along with the bees that were on them, and placed them in another hive body with some drawn comb and some foundation. I went through the hive last fri and saw a queen and a lot of bees. All I can say is what ever I did it worked, the hive is doing very well. Bees bringing in pollen and nectar to beat the band.
Last Fri I placed a deep on the hive I made the split from and discovered many supercedure cells. I was shocked all were capped ( 10 or more) I removed these cells and put them in a glass jar. In the process The bottom deep was loaded with capped brood with no room for anything not even any nectar. I didn't care to replace this queen. After putting the hive together I noticed 2 queens had emerged from their cells. I'm not going to tell anymore here but I did put together another single deep hive body with a queen and the bees that were with her. It's too early to tell but right now it appears the second split may work. There were many times years ago I would have loved to get a queen under these circumstances, and I didn't know of anyone on short notice who would want one (or more). At this time more bees are my interest not the honey. I'm not sure where you are located but if I had some virgin queens I would be glad to share.
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