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  Tuesday, 19 April 2016
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I am planning to make a split and let the bees make their own queen. Logic suggests that I cannot do this until there are drones available for the queen to mate with. I had planned on waiting until I saw drones or at least drone brood in my hive. I noted that someone mentioned they had already seen drones in their hives. I have been looking pretty closely and haven't seen any either in the outside hive or the observation hive. When would you normally expect to see a good crop of drones up and running. By the dandelion bloom? earlier? later?
6 years ago
At dandelion bloom.
6 years ago
HI Don, remember it will be 4 or more weeks for a queen to emerge, prepare to fly and then go out and breed with the drones. (Weather permitting). I expect that a Month from now there will be many willing drones available for sacrifice. Peter
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