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  Thursday, 28 September 2017
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I have about 15 deeps left of honey (uncapped with some capped around the perimeter) from last winter's dead-outs that I was never able to get back onto hives for them to clean up. With the recent heat wave, I noticed that foragers were congregating at the base of one of the boxes where it was stored (unfortunately in the sun) and were trying to get at the honey that was bubbling out.

I don't want to feed back to the bees right now as I'm really trying to keep my hives as strong as I can to avoid the same high losses (treating for mites, feeding aggressively and early, etc), but I'd like to save the comb or at least get the wax.

How do you guys prefer clean this up? There is also some dead cluster remaining in some of the frames.

Honestly, one of my biggest issues this summer has been managing all the equipment that remained after the hives died!
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