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  Thursday, 01 July 2021
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Hi everyone,
I'm pondering a few strategic maneuvers for the next 4-6 weeks and wanted to get some feedback. I'm in Northfield and the summer flow hasn't started, and I'm not sure it even will due to such dry conditions. That in mind, I'd like to do two things before the more reliable fall goldenrod flow:
1. Create nucs for overwintering
2. Apply a mite treatment

Nuc timing is more flexible, I just need to decide between early July (now!) and early August.
Mite treatment is more of a question mark for me depending on the type of treatment. I was planning on using Apivar, but the 42 day + 2 week lag window for setting honey supers is kind of long if we anticipate the fall flow starting in mid/late August.

I could run Formic Pro anytime in July and be ready for the fall flow, and squeeze in the splits for overwintering nucs.

Just trying to get the strategy and timing to work properly according to the anticipated seasonal shifts in nectar and brood rearing weather. Looking forward to hearing other people's thoughts on the timing of these activities.

Thanks! Fingers crossed for some rain!
1 year ago
You should make your nucs now. We've been making nucs since June 15, and will be finished by July 10. Are you using mated queens, or doing walk away nucs?
1 year ago
Hi Mike,
I'll be using mated queens and pulling 2-3 frames of brood from my weaker colonies that won't be great honey producers in the fall.

If I split down a few hives at this point that will reduce the quantity of mite treatment doses I need to apply. So I suppose that is an added benefit (lower cost) of doing the splits in advance of treating the entire yard for mites.

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