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  Saturday, 16 April 2016
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I recall being advised to feed sugar syrup in the spring only when the temperature is consistently in the 50s, and that includes night time temperatures. Last night was 35 here, and IMO that would leave any syrup too cold for the bees to want to/be able to consume. Have fed fondant and pollen patties (for brood rearing) and plan to monitor closely as we move in to warmer temperatures this weekend and in to next week. Thoughts on the temperature angle for syrup feeding?
Thank you in advance.
6 years ago
Thanks, Mike. I went back thru my notes and have one that said if they can fly 2 or 3 days per week, should be good (might have been from a club meeting) and I had the 50 degree notation in several places. Appreciate your response.
6 years ago
I've had to feed some colonies over the last few weeks. I fed them syrup, even though it was certainly below that "critical" temperature. I just removed the empty cans yesterday and today. No problems.
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