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  Monday, 11 July 2016
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Lunchtime today - bees active. Quick survey for swarms - none found. Package hive that was in trouble - possibly swarmed - 9 days ago I went to install a queen and found half a dozen capped queen cells so I used the queen elsewhere. Today I see a dozen bees fumbling around in the remains of a dandelion near the cement block the hive is on - right below the front of the hive. I look over the fence closer to see what they are doing and I see what looks like a queen climbing over the weed. I run around and grab a jar that happens to be in my work area. I get close and sure enough - a nice long but skinny queen. I scoop her into the jar and look her over - looks healthy - very active. I grab an old queen cage and go in the house. Let her out into my hand and get her into the queen cage that I duct tape shut. Now what? I have a Jester Nuc box in the garage so I put in a couple of frames of drawn comb and attach her to one of the combs. Back down to the hive I put the nuc on the ground with the entrance where she was hoping some bees will climb in. No deal. A few are in looking at the combs but I'm not sure they will feed her. I go into that same hive thinking (or not thinking) to grab a frame of brood but realize that there probably won't be any yet. I'm late for work. I grab a frame of honey with a bunch of bees on it and put it into the nuc with the queen and close it up and move it to a shady area under my deck. My assumption is that enough of the bees will be attracted to the QMP to stay with her and take care of her while I figure out what to do next. I'm thinking I should get a couple of frames of emerging brood and do the queen screen on the emerging brood trick to introduce her. Suggestions and thoughts on how a queen happens to be out for a stroll on a nice sunny day?
6 years ago
Maybe she was looking for love in all the wrong places? ;)

Seriously, maybe she was on the way out or on the way back from a mating flight? Just a guess.
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