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  Friday, 15 April 2016
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Inspected a few of my boxes today...a six frame nuc, a 4 frame nuc and two regular 10 framers....the six frame nuc has gone queenless, a few capped cells and nothing else, plenty of honey left over and a bunch of lazy bees. The traditional box had a ton of bees, plenty of honey, almost no brood, a few eggs, queen spotted. The first 4 frame nuc had some eggs, lots of bees, no brood and a ton of honey, no problem with food...the second 10 framer had lots of bees a few weeks ago but now, no queen and no eggs or brood. My conclusion is that the queens layed up a bunch of eggs in march when it got really warm than shut right down and will be laying like cray the next few days. My question is can a big cluster that goes queenless in november or december make to spring to wither away or did the queens croak reciently...? Also starting to see some drones in there.....
6 years ago
What did you guys see?
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