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  Tuesday, 19 March 2019
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Hey all,

I'm going to a meeting of new beekeepers this coming weekend. I've been told nearly all of them intend to be treatment free. My intent will be to dissuade them of that. Offer oxalic treatment for them and get them to join VBA.

I see Andrew is treatment free in Middlebury, there must be more of you out there. I tried it for a few years with zero success and have no intention of going back anytime soon. For those that do what is your secret? Are you breaking brood cycle as a form of "treatment"? And what are the real numbers of loss? By keeping a sustainable apiary, making nucs all summer, you can easily recover from heavy winter losses. Anyone care to share real numbers of loss?

I'd like to educate this group the best I can. Bring them onboard here and maybe get them to form a new NEK Vermont group. The old group seems dormant/dead. I'm not going to persuade all of them to treat. The best info for those to manage bees otherwise is all that can be done. It would be beneficial if they do not have "varroa bombs" of weak hives that neighboring keepers bees rob out. It's a contamination concern.

3 years ago
I totally agree with your Varroa Treatment ideas. Along with Oxalic Acid I treat with Formic Acid (mite away Quick strips or the new model, Formic Pro). I use the Formic Acid around mid May to help control the breeding mites and then plan to follow up, in due time, with several properly timed Oxalic Vapor treatments. Getting them in the capped cells with the Formic and then getting the phoretic mites later on. I only obtained the Oxalic Vaporizer late in the Fall. Treated my hive in-early December and they are all alive. Both Oxalic and Formic Acid are considered Organic products, naturally occurring. I know you can use Formic with the Supers on, and depending who you read and believe that might be true for Oxalic as well. I have heard that you can use Oxalic with Supers if you place some barrier, cardboard or the like, below the Supers, while the vapor is dispersing. I think I will try to do it before Supers are placed. Will depend on the mite count. Good luck convincing your group.
ps, I do not use the various "api" treatments that force you to leave the supers off for many many days, Yuk !!!!
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