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  Saturday, 27 July 2013
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Hello fellow beekeepers,
I'm looking to try Apistan strips. I understand about putting two strips in each brood box but can I put honey suppers that I've harvested honey from for this year back on top while the strips are in the hive?


9 years ago
Monitor, monitor, monitor and only if you need to treat right?

Anybody used or tried the 50 precent formic acid treatment listed below?

9 years ago
no sir, for the honey cropper, this is early and late season mite treatment only. also, using three strips will 'poison' the hive and disorient the bees. it may also lead to the lessening of the strength of the exoskeleton -i have read this, and may have observed it - there was mass discard of young house bees after using it but they may have been already doomed by mite activity in the cell. furthermore, it will scent and flavor the honey with something you surely do not want to smell or ingest. the wax that comes in contact with this product should not be used for any other purposes.

i used these strips several years ago, and keep a pack on hand for my own (or another's) emergency. i found it extremely effective for killing mites when the infection has reached a critical state as in my case. in the first few days i had a thousand mites drop per tray. i have pictures, but mites are small..... i now use apiguard in the single serving trays early and late season, but it too can not be used during honey flow, although it does maintain the organic mantle.

there are other products available if honey crop or organic farming is the goal. look for products that advertise use during the flow. as recently as two or three years ago a product using hops was approved for all year use.
9 years ago

Take a look at this from Ohio state. It might help with your question.
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