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  Tuesday, 31 March 2015
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I have about 10 honey super frames (drawn comb) that are kinda torn up from a robbing incident I had last fall (or maybe this is just how they wind up looking when you put them out in the field to be cleaned up by the bees - never again!) :( Would it be better if I just started over with foundation on these (which I kinda don't like because then the bees have to do all that work again) or will the bees just take care of things and tidy these up for honey storage? Each frame is in varying degrees of 'chewed up.'
As always, advice and comments here are most welcome and appreciated.
7 years ago
Pam, based on this description I would use them
7 years ago
Hi Scott...I need to adjust the settings on my IPod because I can never get pictures to load here on the site. They are too big. but I will try. A picture is worth a thousand words, and all that
7 years ago
They are not chewed through from one side to the other, but the surfaces of the drawn parts of the comb are very uneven, some areas right down to wax foundation they started out with. It was obviously a feeding frenzy. The bees will have to draw it out again and even it up.
Thank you Mike!! I'll give it a shot.
7 years ago
HI Pam,
Post a photo so we can see how ripped up they are?

7 years ago
Depending on how "ripped up" they are, i would use them.
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