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  Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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At the winter meeting yesterday it was proposed the VBA could do an anonymous sampling of Vermont honey on retail shelves. There were a lot of topics yesterday with many not getting full attention of discussion due to time restraints.

I don't know where or to whom I'd voice my approval for allocation of funds for this study so put it in writing here. I do think the "Vermont" name carries weight in agricultural marketing. Studies like this one proposed are means to prove that or shed light on need to obtain a standard of excellence in this states honey products. I'd like this study to include honesty in labeling. We being in the hobby or profession of honey know the national brands of "raw" are dishonest. How do our local labels compare?

On the side and to elaborate on Vermont standards we merely need to look at "organic". That label is not a National standard, it's left to the individual states to create and monitor a standard. Vermont's Organic standard is the toughest in the Union. You can't compare properly labeled organic products from Vermont to California's. Our standard is far more strict. In general I'd like to see that with Raw labeling as well. Not lobbying and getting government to be involved to muck it up but at least a VBA standard with clear guidelines of heat and strainer size limits.

Just a few thoughts from "Me".
2 years ago
I agree, especially in reference to RAW HONEY. A standard and definition needs to developed. Everyone is selling RAW HONEY especially liquid Raw Honey in February.
2 years ago
There was other talk about VBA sponsored labels. This I don't think should be done.

The mission statement of VBA is clearly educational in function. To endorse and in other ways exclude vendors based on membership is not anything the VBA should be involved in. History of the "Vermont" logo should be reread and reasons why that logo was revoked are clear. It required policing and was absolutely abused and bastardized. In my opinion this is not the road the VBA wants to follow. It's not in our mission and we certainly would not have funds to manpower enforcement of any proposed regulations.

The study of sampling I endorse is purely educational. For the consumer and for vendors. I know many small scale beekeepers continue feeding when supered. Any sideliner with strong colonies robbing out the surrounding treatment free and overly syrup fed colonies will have contamination. Is it to the extent of adultrating? Well that's part of what a study of local honey's on retail shelves would reveal. Personally I believe there is much adulturing of end product due to lack of education. This is why I feel the VBA should conduct such a study. To educate for means of correction.

For labeling, as an educational body, recommended handling, temperatures, "strain" size and such are completely in the scope of this institution. A standard of Raw should be agreed upon. Those standards submitted to print and endorsed by this body.
2 years ago
Thank you for your input and for using the forum.
You can always reach out to the VBA BOD using the contact us links.
I will ask to add this comment to the next BOD meeting scheduled for next week.

Scott Wilson
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