Friday, 09 March 2018
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Wow what has happen the speed of up load and down load is much faster now then it has ever been
Seems nice to have the site move smooth , having some trouble with the forum page displaying what im typing won't open up the paragraph attachment header covers first part of line may be my tablet
4 years ago
Good to hear. You may want to spread the word that clearing the cookies and browser cache should clear out any fluff left from the old hosting location.

Working great now I was able to clear the cookies and catches
Thanks for the tip
Well I cleared the history but with this I Pad I don't know how to clear cookies and catches
So I still have a few issues I'm sure it's my I pad
4 years ago
That is working for me with no problem. I strongly suggest clearing your history, cookies and cache for this site to clear out any holdover issues like this. The new site shouldn't have any such problems.

My post is not showing up on the home page .
At one time when we logged in we could check a box that would keep us logged in , as now if I change to different site and come back I must relogg in kind of a pain but I'm sure liking the speed of the site Thanks
4 years ago
Don -
Nothing has been deleted - all the posts should be there.
The "Reply" issue has just been corrected. If you are still experiencing it please clear your browser cache.

4 years ago
Just checked it out - clearly the new hosting service has made a major performance improvement. I heard some talk of deleting older posts which may also have added to the nimbleness of the site. All in all a great improvement - congratulations! I should note that in making a reply the editor seems to only display a single line of text for me so I have to scroll up and down to read my reply one line at a time before I click submit. I can expand the text box by dragging the handle in the lower right corner but a lot of people may not know that. Perhaps the default setting of the text box could be changed to four or five lines? And after I reply I see that the previous respondent already mentioned the right corner drag handle. Duh!
4 years ago
Ron -
Clearing your browser cache may resolve the forum issue. The site has been moved to a new hosting service and is being upgraded. I think I see what that problem is. In the lower right corner of that field is a triangular shaped thing that you can grab and pull down to give yourself more room. I'll find out why that is happening. There were a number of things that needed to be updated and I'm still finding some.

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