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  Sunday, 10 July 2016
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Great summer meeting yesterday!
I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. O'Hanlon's feature presentation....what a wonderful speaker and an interesting subject, too! Of course, every time I hear Mike Palmer speak, I take away something new or clarify the details of something I'm trying to get better at..........in short.....they're all good and it was time very well spent. Thank you.

Mike Willard mentioned that VBA may look into increasing the frequency of our get-togethers and put out the idea of a spring symposium of some sort. I mentioned to him that fall might be a better option (or both?) as many of us Beekeeper/Farmer types have our hands full for months as soon as the snow melts and there is a flood of private and public bee related events offered elsewhere at that time of year.

I was thinking about what other kind of "meeting" for lack of a better term, that I would wish for..............and so I open for a discussion this idea:

An annual "Beekeeper's Picnic" day (aka the gathering of the Beeks)
w/ an ask-the-experts group there just to informally talk bees & beekeeping all day

You might want to break the day down into a few chunks of time by general topics like.....equipment, hive management, diseases, honey flow, nucs, queen rearing, honey extraction & wax, marketing ....or not......I dunno..........just a day of informed beekeeper conversation where everyone could talk and everyone could listen.
Leave out the traditional business meeting, presentations, silent auctions, certification testing, hive demonstrations for the other two existing meetings and just hang out with a bunch of Vermont Beekeepers.
VBA is welcome to use our field in Bridgewater, VT (North Branch Bluegrass Festival site) for this event if anyone likes this idea???????
6 years ago
Hi Heather. So disappointed that I missed the summer meeting. Would love to hear more details on what was presented.

Meetings any time of year are so hard to get to, but with that, the more the better because then there's more chance I could get to one! I would be more likely to prioritize a meeting that hosted a formal presentation ... and by formal I simply mean a designated speaker with the rest as designated listeners. I enjoy that more and get more from it than just a meet-and-gather.

all that said, a reminder to you and to any others who want to join... informal bee gathering at Goodman's American Pie in Ludlow this Tuesday July 11 at 7pm (every second tuesday of every odd numbered month)

A fall gathering at your place in Bridgewater sounds great! I've gotta work around tourist season, so for me foliage weeks are bad, but late October gets easier. I need to go see all your bee magic!
6 years ago
I would also like to thank all the speakers, VBA Board Members, and the hard working folks that put on the meeting, and cleaned up afterwards. The food was great also. Thanks all. Peter
6 years ago
You missed a couple of good ones yesterday for sure. We'll try to make it Tuesday night (I believe it's the 12th by the way) -Heather K
6 years ago
Heather, good ideas. We've been discussing a 'programs' or 'education' committee idea, to work with the VBA to identify and organize more opportunities for VT beekeepers. As has been mentioned, volunteer VBA board members can only do so much with full time jobs, hives to manage and other life activities, and there are other 'committees' that work with the board such as the Tunbridge Fair group. Mike W did mention that there is a thirst for knowledge. That said, I like your idea of a social gathering as well. Maybe some of the more experienced beekeepers would be willing to facilitate discussion groups, if that's the direction it goes. Fall ? after the season...we could do a recap :)
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