Tuesday, 22 June 2021
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Hey Folks,

I started two new colonies of Saskatraz this Spring with previously used equipment. One of the two is looking stronger than the other based on exterior observation but upon inspection, neither has a consistent collection of capped brood... there are a few larvae here and there scattered around the comb. There also seem to be a few bees half-emerged from comb cells that have died in place.
Any suggestions on what else I should be looking for to diagnose the issue? I've never had good luck locating the queen, but the new larvae seems to indicate she's still kicking.
I was planning on treating for varroa but now I'm worried about whether that would further set back the colonies.

Any guidance welcome,

1 year ago
Sounds like a varroa issue. Where did the brood and bees come from to make these new colonies? Do you know the mite load of the brood source? Sounds like the colonies are crashing from varroa...why do you think treating for varroa would "further set back the colonies"? The bees are sick and dying and if samples show it is a varroa problem, treat them now. Use Apivar. Won't hurt the bees but might save your bees. And, what about the brood source colonies?
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