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  Monday, 31 August 2015
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I did some harvesting yesterday and there were still some supers that weren't capped so there will be another harvest in a week or two. Meanwhile, I have three swarms, a split and a package that are building up. They are all in deeps and have a second deep on top that they are building up in. I had good luck last year with my first two hives giving them two deeps and a medium to overwinter in. I'm planning to do the same with these new ones if I can.My established hives have three and four suppers on them. Allowing that one super will stay on as reserve food for them in the winter, that leaves the other supers that have or will come off for harvesting. My question is this. Would it make sense to put the wet supers back onto the newer hives and let them clean them up? My thought is that they will rob out the honey and put it in their brood nest and then rebuild the comb and use it to put in additional stores if time permits. It seems like this would be a fast way for them to build up supplies before winter. Is there any reason not to do that?
7 years ago

Wait until the end of the day then put the wet supers on the hive on top of the inner covers. Give them a few hours and they should be cleaned up. (I believe waiting until the end of the day would minimize any frenzy of activity.)

Of course you should still plan on feeding next month and in October. Cheers.


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