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  Saturday, 19 August 2017
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I'm a new Bee Keeper. Why can't I find a Mentor? Why aren't they willing to help New Beepers? I thought this was about helping the Bee population. This is why I got into Bee Keeping. Who is willing to help and stay with their mission statement.
Hi James
Your profile is not complet in VBA so I have no idea where you live.
I mentor six new Beekeepers some are now second third year Beekeepers .
Not sure what method you are using to gain a mentor for help but I know a lot
Of Beekeepers are more than glad to help.

So please give us some more information
4 years ago
Hello James,
In what town are you living and where are you keeping your bees?
4 years ago
Hello, I've updated my profile. I live in Westford
4 years ago
Hello, I live in Westford. I'm a VBA member. I have my Bees in a field near my house.
Ok Westford , we should have some Beekeepers in your area.
Also you want to make a request on Facebook as a great number of members
Use Facebook plus the local clubs I'm sure we can find a mentor in your area.
4 years ago
Hi James, I live in Fairfax likely not far from you. I'm always willing to help out in any way that I can with questions, or other inquiries. Do you have any specific questions right now? Email me directly: michaelkwillard@comcast.net

Have you been able to take advantage of the free North Yard workshop offered at the Intervale next to Gardener's Supply? The workshop schedule is listed on the VBA site on the calendar.
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