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  Monday, 08 July 2013
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Interested in finding out which breed members are consistently overwintering in VT.
Consistently meaning more then 2 summers.
What breed RU consistently overwintering in VT?
9 years ago
Hi lindsay,

I first try to get queens from Mike Palmer Failing that I will use queens from any source that has some. This year I have 10 nucs for wintering with New World Carniolans.

I made 6 walk away splits in spring and they all requeened themselves successfully.
I have had three hives swarm and all have requeened successfully.

Operationally I am moving towards letting the bees requeen themselves as much as I can. This is why I call them mutts. At some point the natural mating process combines genes from at least 8 if not more drones of unknown lineage.

9 years ago
Thank Scott..so when you requeen are you providing your own queens or are you purchasing a specific queen
9 years ago
Hi Lindsay,

Mutts :)

But seriously, I cannot say one has done better than the other. I have tried Russians,Italians,VSH,Carniolan etc///. Managing mite load going into the winter seems to play a huge part in winter success.
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